my brother Brad

I don't know if many people on here know about my brother Brad, who committed suicide just two weeks before Lee died. In fact, we had just returned from his funeral the night before I was notified about Lee. His death kind of got overshadowed by Lee's death, which is sad and unfair to his memory.

My mom, who lost a child also, probably hasn't gotten the support she would have, needed, because all of us were reeling at the double blow. She certainly didn't get anything useful from me, but I think my sibs have been hard pressed to be there for both of us as well, and she probably has been shorted.

Last night I was searching through the pockets of my overcoat, and my fingers found a piece of folded up paper, and I froze, remembering something I hadn't thought of since it happened. I was sitting under the tent graveside in Hendersonville, and reached into the pocket of that same coat for a tissue. And pulled out the eulogy I read at Brad's funeral a week before. I sat there staring at it, not knowing what to do next.

We miss you Brad. We miss your laugh, your love of the ridiculous, your practical jokes, your soft heart, your Pied Piper schemes that you always managed to suck us all into, your myriad nicknames for all of us sibs.

Bradley Stuart - 1961-2006