Whirlpool Redux

The brain can be a strange place, able to convince you that illusion is reality. The shift back to 'real' reality can be unsettling, like feeling the sand wash out from beneath you in a strong riptide.

I was up very early Monday, and then fell back asleep, usually a recipe for disaster for me. The dreams come swirling at me like a bad LSD trip, and I wake up disoriented and unsure what day or time it is. This one had to do with my car - I'm driving Lee's car these days, which often gives me a vaguely angry and impatient feeling, because it is a constant reminder of her day-to-day life. The dings and dents, the hibiscus flower sticker, almost completely deteriorated now, that was her touchstone for her dream to go to Hawaii and surf someday, the odds and ends of hers in the glove box that I can't part with.

And in my confused foggy somewhere between asleep and awake state, I wondered in exasperation why in the world her car was here? How would she get back here? I'd have to drive down to Valdosta to get her ...

Body slam as I came instantly, fully awake.


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